Friday, January 22, 2016

The Busy-ness

I guess I have had a busy time lately. Work, chiro two times week, daily walks. I've woken this morning sore and tired. Guess it's kind of weighing on me that I'll be working through the weekend again...

So, today I have resigned myself into sitting at the window watching the bird feeders, which are extremely busy with a light snowfall today, and bundling up in the chair for some reading and snoozing.

And there is a grand-baby to be born next week! I'm tired just thinking about how busy we'll be .

Thursday, January 21, 2016

A 'Yotes and Eagles Morning

Came across a coyote on my way to the chiro (pardon the blurry pics, as they were taken from my phone) -

And 2 eagles visited me on my walk. Only got pics of one, in the tallest tree -

Good day so far!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Better Stretch of Days Ahead

So the temps are above 10 this morning and I decided to get a road walk in while I could. This is where the couple of measly pics come from. Everything felt real good this morning - my back, my neck, my feet. I went a little bit further than usual and at a slightly better clip. These visits to the chiro are helping.

Then, I thought to get myself physically familiar with the spine stretching and strengthening exercises I mentioned yesterday. Whoa. I'm a little ashamed to say that I am going to have to work up to some of that routine. Slowly but surely. But still, I feel real good, physically and mentally.

First night back to work after an extended weekend went like crap. Our departments equipment lost communications with the servers sometime Saturday. Had several issues to deal with even after a couple of shifts had already worked. It's amazing how grown men will have no problem pushing problems aside for the next guy, without really having tried to fix them. Guess it's really not that big of deal for me, as I kept extremely busy last night and was able to fix a problem we hadn't seen before. I like to learn.

Okay. Off to read a little, do dishes and second round of chores before heading back in to work. Take care -

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

And The Big Guy Has Another Good Laugh

With last evening off of work, something drew me to the bottle of wine my wife had bought me last week. It's gone and I'm moving a bit slower today...

But, as it's still below zero and I have to start the work week again tonight, I think I'll nap it off for a bit. But hey, the first round of dog, chicken, bird feeder chores are done. And a little extra - I've printed off a spine strengthening PDF from the American Association of Othopedics. Also put a yoga mat on the shopping list.

With the winter solstice, I told myself this will be a year to transform my body into something resembling itself of the younger days. Regular walking and exercise were being done everyday until my neck went whack. Then the x-rays revealing a kink and twist in my spine. I was kind of hoping I wouldn't have to start my transformation from scratch, but it seems I'll have to.

Reminds me of an old anecdote - "Know how to make God laugh? Make a plan." He's had several good laughs on my behalf, that's a cinch.

20's for highs after today. Should get some walking done in the countryside round. But there I go making plans again...