Friday, January 15, 2016

Looking Ahead

It took me quite awhile to get a windflower identification book. The one I picked up is not a real textbook type guide, but a somewhat general guide that has sections on the various families of flutters, the more common species of each family, and their life cycle details. The information that really interests me is the plants that caterpillars use. I'm using this info to help my backyard planting plans. For the widest variety of  'pillars, it looks like I'll need to plant clovers, asters, alfafa, milkweed and cherry trees. Easy enough. I know all these plants, and could pick them all up for free if it came to it.

Spring is a ways away yet, but the dreaming is doing me good. Thinking of building some fencing to keep the dogs and chickens out of the caterpillar garden, getting my hands in the earth again....perhaps spying species one day that are not seen as often out back. Got plenty of monarchs, sulphers, cabbage whites and tiger swallowtails during the summers. Would love to bring blues and checkerspots to the backyard.


  1. Thanks for visiting "By Stargoose And Hanglands". I'll be looking forward to some photos of your butterflies later in the year.

    1. Hopefully I can get some. Thanks for the visit.