Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Better Stretch of Days Ahead

So the temps are above 10 this morning and I decided to get a road walk in while I could. This is where the couple of measly pics come from. Everything felt real good this morning - my back, my neck, my feet. I went a little bit further than usual and at a slightly better clip. These visits to the chiro are helping.

Then, I thought to get myself physically familiar with the spine stretching and strengthening exercises I mentioned yesterday. Whoa. I'm a little ashamed to say that I am going to have to work up to some of that routine. Slowly but surely. But still, I feel real good, physically and mentally.

First night back to work after an extended weekend went like crap. Our departments equipment lost communications with the servers sometime Saturday. Had several issues to deal with even after a couple of shifts had already worked. It's amazing how grown men will have no problem pushing problems aside for the next guy, without really having tried to fix them. Guess it's really not that big of deal for me, as I kept extremely busy last night and was able to fix a problem we hadn't seen before. I like to learn.

Okay. Off to read a little, do dishes and second round of chores before heading back in to work. Take care -

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