Tuesday, January 19, 2016

And The Big Guy Has Another Good Laugh

With last evening off of work, something drew me to the bottle of wine my wife had bought me last week. It's gone and I'm moving a bit slower today...

But, as it's still below zero and I have to start the work week again tonight, I think I'll nap it off for a bit. But hey, the first round of dog, chicken, bird feeder chores are done. And a little extra - I've printed off a spine strengthening PDF from the American Association of Othopedics. Also put a yoga mat on the shopping list.

With the winter solstice, I told myself this will be a year to transform my body into something resembling itself of the younger days. Regular walking and exercise were being done everyday until my neck went whack. Then the x-rays revealing a kink and twist in my spine. I was kind of hoping I wouldn't have to start my transformation from scratch, but it seems I'll have to.

Reminds me of an old anecdote - "Know how to make God laugh? Make a plan." He's had several good laughs on my behalf, that's a cinch.

20's for highs after today. Should get some walking done in the countryside round. But there I go making plans again...


  1. That big guy is always laughing at me too! Good luck with your exercising - don't overdo it! ;-)

    1. No worries about overdoing it - that's why my shape is the way it is!